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Regarding the last poll on critter groups... 'All of the Above' so far has the most votes. The best way to do an all-encompassing group would be: 

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Call it an all-encompassing name that points straight to you (like worldofoblivion or something better), put a brief explanation w/links on what it's about (i.e, fan art of your original creatures), as tearup said set up folders for the different species etc that you've released, and you should have a fairly organized group.

That's something I'll probably be looking at myself down the track, since I've got a heap of species some of which I'll release for fan art once I've posted a basic description of the universe they exist in.
MyraMidnight Dec 9, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A group about your weird world of creatures?
Um, I just peaked at the last poll again....Lockjaws are winning lol!
Why not convert your ~twistedcreatures club into a group? :o
Well let us just pretend that these creatures were all in the same world. What habitats would they have in common? Would some creatures not be found in the same habitat as others?

(Perhaps I am not understanding the question I was rather busy in class today and am running low on brain cells.)
Group photo ^-^ ooo...or maybe if they don't get along...maybe...a war
Tearup Dec 8, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
I am not entirely sure I understand the problem but if it's about how to manage so many different subjects in one club I can just say that it seems to be rather easy or easier to work those as u can create folders like they did
Good call. Thanks!
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