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Hey guys, if you're headed to Wizard World Philly this week come say hi!  
You guys might have seen word of this floating around earlier in the year, but if not take a look. This is a pretty cool project in the works, if you’re interested in art reference/resources/books, please consider supporting it! A lot of great artists are involved, and I’ll be doing some dragony things for it too.  Check it out here:…
Here's the link.

Hey guys, I am pleased to announce I will be once more joining up with the excellent folks over at Extra Credits! Although I will not be working on the show itself, I was invited to do random art on their channel and will be hosting weekly art streams every Tuesday night at 8:30pm Central time (9:30pm EST & 6:30pm PST). Come join me for monster doodles and music starting tonight, Tues April 8th at 8:30pm at the link above!
Table B35 with Bianca in the Artist Alley, drop by and say hi!
Hi guys, I've decided to start up weekly print deals over on FB.  You can contact me there (preferably there), or here, if you're interested.

Headed out bright and early tomorrow to New Orleans!  I'll be splitting a table with Bianca again.
I'll be there!  Splitting a table with Bianca.  Drop by and say hi!
Hey guys, I just signed up on Imagekind to sell prints and discovered someone is selling my Fu dragon as well as what looks like a variety of other peoples’ work. We’re trying to get this taken care of (but it may be one of those situations where the original artist has to come forward), if you’ve done dragon artwork or recognize any of the artists whose work these images are, please let those artists know.

Hey guys,

    Just letting you know that I've got Fu-beast shirts up on Society6 and will hopefully have them up on Designed by Humans soon!  You can find my shirts here.

    Secondly, my first published sketchbook is STILL available online over at LuLu here - A Book of Mostly Creatures.  I'm working on compiling and completing a second one so stay tuned.

    Lastly, I'll be doing some conventions this year so if you're in the area stop by and say hi!  I'll be doing three Wizard World Comic Cons in Portland (Jan 26-28th), Atlanta (May 30th-Jun1st), and Austin (Oct 2-4th) for sure, and then might be at a few others.  Check back on my facebook for updates, I will be sharing booths with my friend and convention buddy Bianca Roman Strumpff (and check out her art, it's awesome).

Hope this year is treating you all well, have a good one!
Hey guys, if you're interested in following art updates and art happenings (shows/sales/prints/etc) come follow me on FB!
Started up a music blog because I had people asking for my playlists.  Choice picks/songs of the day go here.
Just popping in to say thanks for all the attention here even though I've been a bit afk as of late.  Really glad you guys enjoy my stuff.   I hope life's been treating you all well, have a great day!

Hi guys,

I'd like to bring your attention to two very important things that need immediate attention. If you own any exotic animal, or anything other than a cat or dog, this will affect you (some sooner than others). Right now the herp world and the amphibian world are under siege. The FWS, backed by anti-pet groups (PETA & HSUS, etc) are attempting to push through a law that would allow them to arbitrarily add species to the Lacey Act as injurious and ban them, without due process of law, scientific research, or anything of that nature. Literally, they would be able to put whatever they want down, ban it, and it would be law. To put this in perspective - violating the Lacey Act is a felony. Fines, jail time, and your animals destroyed. 

If you're unfamiliar with the Lacey Act, the Florida python situation, and how all this affects us reptile keepers, here's a short video that gives you a little history on the fight. Below is what's happening now, and what you need to be aware of.


USARK - United States Association of Reptile Keepers - SNAKE BAN

ALERT: Right now, of utmost importance is for the herp community to use the two USARK Action Alerts below and share them. There are two issues demanding immediate action. The first alert addresses a USFWS proposal to list any species as injurious without full due process afforded under the law (i.e. no scientific support, no research, no economic impact study, etc.). This categorical exclusion affects a huge portion of the pet community (reptiles, amphibians, fish, birds, small mammals, etc.). The second alert concerns a push by anti-pet groups to add 5 species of snakes (including all boa constrictors and reticulated pythons) as injurious, which would make interstate commerce, interstate transportation and importation all illegal. Anti-pet groups want no pets. Big snakes are just their first target. Support the entire herp community and stop them now! Share these alerts with all pet owners. All information can be found at the links below. The time to act is now, Reptile Nation!

Action Alert 1:…
Action Alert 2:…

CatX Update: FWS Amphibian Ban!

The US Herpetoculture Alliance has just been made aware of a NEW wrinkle in the whirlwind US Fish & Wildlife (FWS) Categorical Exclusion (CatX) power grab! Sources inside Capitol Hill have just informed us that the CatX is a precursor to the wholesale listing of ALL amphibians to the Injurious Wildlife list of the Lacey Act. CatX, if enacted, would remove most of the due process afforded the rule making process under the National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA). It would exclude FWS from doing due diligence in regards to scientific, economic and social impacts. In other words they could list ALL amphibians, in essence, just by declaring that they are injurious wildlife!

A petition to add ALL amphibians to the injurious list was fielded by FWS about two years ago. Subsequently, FWS published a Notice of Inquiry in the Federal Register signaling their intention to propose a rule. The US Herpetoculture Alliance predicted this scenario three weeks ago when we broke the news of FWS's intention to secure CatX. It was our opinion that CatX was a precursor to an attempt to list all amphibians on the injurious list without giving due process to the thousands of species that could be affected. Further, the Herp Alliance believes that this would be only the beginning of additional large scale listings of hundreds of species.

Read more and learn how to help here.


Thank you guys for your time, it's much appreciated. As the owner of more than a few snakes, I can't imagine having my bebs taken away from me and not being able to take them with me if I were to move. It would be devastating.
So I'm asking you guys to please help us fight this! If we lose and they succeed in this power grab, don't be surprised to see small mammals, birds, and even your every day domestic companions become their next targets. 

Please feel free to copy and repost this. Spread the word.
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After this morning's announcement at E3 I can finally share with you guys what I've been working on at Retro for the last year!  It's been a fantastic ride, and such a treat to work on something I grew up playing.  I hope you guys enjoy it when it comes out. :)  

Watch the trailer here.
And play the demo at Best Buy this week.
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Thank you to everyone who responded to my last journal and signed the petition!  We are still looking for signatures.

Here is an update on what happened at the meeting last night.  It's quite clear the opposition knows nothing about the keeping of snakes, nor of snakes in general given that the woman spearheading the opposition held up a picture of a cobra (Thomas's snakes are boas, of the subspecies boa constrictor imperator) and spouted off inane, completely false information about the animals in an attempt to strike fear into the audience's hearts.

Now, Thomas's local news channel Fox13 is looking for comments on the situation.  A lot of folks wrote really great responses to my journal yesterday - if you have a few moments, please leave your thoughts here.  You can copy paste your response to my journal yesterday if you need to, anything is appreciated!  

Thank you all again.
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Hey guys,
   Recently a friend of mine has fallen into a terrible situation where the city he is living in is trying to take away his animals - not because they aren't well cared for, but because a neighbor doesn't think he should own them.  I've posted the full story here.

It would mean a TON if you could sign this petition, to show our support as he heads into another meeting with council members tonight.
Please help Thomas Cobb keep his snakes!

Thank you!
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In case you missed it on all the sketchdump posts:
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Copied from Tikall's journal, I've been passing this around on tumblr.  As many of you know, I am a member of the herp community and own several snakes.  Believe me when I say these bans are serious.  The HSUS is nothing more than a watered down version of PETA - in the end they don't want you to be able to keep any animal, exotic or domestic.  Please read the text below, read the links, read up on the situation and then (hopefully) kick off a letter to your congressmen.  Every little bit counts.


This is a big deal, guys. This bill can ban everything from betta fish to chinchillas. All of my pets would be on this list, and they're harmless!

CLICK HERE to email your congressmen:…

The text below is pasted to give you a better idea of the nature of this bill:

  Send a letter to your congressmen with this form to stand against HR996!

  If you are an animal lover or keeper, you NEED to do this. Don't even think twice. Sign it. This is not a petition. Your signature gets a letter sent to your state's congressmen, in email or if you so choose, as a physical letter as well, so do not pass over it because you think petitions are worthless. These are your babies this bill is targeting. Your birds, your fish, your reptiles, your amphibians, even your precious fuzzy sugar gliders and chinchillas.

  HR996 is the re-written form of HR669, but rewritten means nothing but bringing it back to threat status. It is still as harmful as ever, aiming to take exotics away from the people who love them, certain to put many out of work, demolish millions of dollars of revenue, criminalize exotic pet owners for doing something simple like taking their pets with them, and risk the lives of every animal that does not make the white list. All species are treated as guilty until proven innocent, so you can guarantee not many will make the white list, and even fewer will be permanently banished to the black list for a reasonable purpose.

  For the full proposed bill:…

  Think this could actually do some good against invasive species? Think again. If this bill was actually to deal with invasive species by adding them to a black list criminalizing their importation and interstate transport, it would be redundant. We already have the Lacey Act for that, and it operates in a more sensible manner: innocent until proven guilty. HR996 is a bill targeted specifically at taking exotic pets away from the people who love them.

  Note that there is absolutely no mention of what is to happen to any animals that don't make it on to the white list already in-country, nor mention for the keepers that already maintain such species. You can expect that the animals will NOT be protected, and that the very moment the opportunity would arise, they would be put to death.

  If you are a reptile lover, it is ESPECIALLY up to you to step up to the plate. If you remember the HR669 fiasco, you will also remember that the death of the bill only gave rise to the years-fought and only wounded, not defeated, Python Ban. We are the BIGGEST targets. Our beloved pets are among the most misunderstood, and unlike insect or rodent-like pets they are assumed to be a murder happy public menace by the ignorant masses. We already lost our burms, condas, and rock pythons in the wake of HR669's original form. LET'S NOT LOSE ONE MORE SPECIES.

  As with the Python Ban and HR669, you can expect HSUS to be lobbying with all their might for this to pass. They have already proven they are not against tossing money and penning fiction disguised as scientific study to try and get their way. Not aware of what a sack of crap HSUS is? Educate yourself here:

  Do not assume that the sheer stupidity of this bill and its intentions means it will fail even if you don't lift a finger. We already have seen that presented the right way, bans CAN happen. Learn from the Python Ban. Take action.

  Even if you don't keep exotics, you should still be concerned about and stand against the rights of others being stripped in ignorance and the lives of animals being endangered for nothing but baseless fear.
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Thanks to all those who came by!
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Hi guys.  I don't like posting stuff like this but it's gotten to the point where it needs to happen.  This is just to let you all know the Locks are NOT an open species.  Maybe they will be in the future, but not right now.

That said:
- I do not mind if you draw Locks.  You can draw random Locks all day long.
- You can draw random Locks interacting with your own personal characters.
- You may draw any of my characters, or any of yours interacting with mine.

I only have 3 rules:
- Absolutely no porn, or sex.  They are not sexual creatures at all.
- Keep it canon.  Locks are supposed to look and act a certain way.  Please respect the IP you are playing with.
- I am not interested in Lock OCs, PLEASE do not go there.

With one huge, very important additional rule:
The Lock concept does not belong in your book, your graphic novel, or whatever personal project you are working on.  It has its place with me, its creator, in the graphic novel project(s) that I am dedicating to it.  Do NOT ask me if you can use it for your stories, please.  It is unbecoming and rude of you to ask to use a concept that I have been working on for 16 years just because you think 'it fits well' with whatever you are doing at the moment.  

Thank you.
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