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August 15, 2012
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Leothin by beastofoblivion Leothin by beastofoblivion
The Leothin are an open species. The Locks are not.

There are a few more color families not pictured.

The Leothin

Various notes from tumblr:

- The Leothin are sentient, tribal, and fairly agreeable creatures. Their tech is crude and simple and they are just beginning to push those boundaries when they are discovered.

The latter part of the Leothins’ history is fairly unfortunate. Their system lies within the bounds of Empire Eutharius, and when they are discovered they are mistakenly identified as being part of the Lock family tree. The Empire’s limited understanding of and eagerness to get their hands on Locks only prompts an immediate flood of unwanted attention. Their small planet is overrun by outsiders with every sort of intent; scientists flock there in droves, legit and otherwise, and so do bounty hunters, Tse-Traders, and black market merchants. The creatures are harassed, hunted, and kidnapped, their skins and body parts and young sold on the Empire’s black market. By the time Eutharius’s bloated government takes action and declares the system private and protected most of the race has been wiped out or transported to untraceable parts of the Empire. As the hubbub dies, the remnants of the species scrape together a meager existence and try to rebuild their way of life, the desire to push for technological advancement and to eventually reach the stars effectively crushed out of them.

- Leothins are fairly unassuming, simple creatures. They are primarily fishers, they are known for their weaving, and on the whole as a race have very agreeable temperaments. They are generally not aggressive unless threatened or provoked.

- Interbreeding between color families was not unheard of in the early days, but it was unusual and infrequent given that the clans were pretty spread out and adhered to their home territories fairly tenaciously (note: interbreeding between clans of the same color family was common given the proximity of those territories). When the Empire stepped in and unleashed all of its terrible chaos the Leothins’ usual way of doing things was blown all to hell. During that time many clans were moving and dozens of them formed and reformed as they crossed through different territories and picked up members of other color families. While they still adhered in many respects to their own colors, cross-breeding between colors became a much more frequent occurrence and spawned several new color family subsets.

- Typical litter size is 3-4. They are born a desaturated pinkish color, with hints here and there of future markings and their head antennae curled up against their heads for protection. Their eyes open within a day or two and they usually find their legs a few days after that. They darken and their colors change to reflect their adult palettes along the same timeline, and their antennae slowly uncurl and floof out as well.

Leothin are big fish eaters. They are born with a full set of sharp teeth and young start on a shredded fish diet as soon as they’re able to eat.

Leothin & Art (c) Allison Theus :iconbeastofoblivion:
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Oh god i MUST make one!

...if I may xD
Gonna make one
I am so making one of these. Hope I don't massacre it. Lol.....Might I ask..... What their language is?
Because I want to come up with a name.... Might be interesting.
SilentTalk Dec 10, 2013  Student General Artist
Can i make one of these? They're gorgeous and i want one
May I make one? *_________________*
nati11184 Nov 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
NEWBORN :iconbegplz:
OGUROXTEOS Oct 12, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
MillyGirl02 Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
is it possible that i can make one and it have a birth defect and it doesnt have his extra two arms behind his front ones???
lunarflower11 Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing creatures! i just have a question are there any color limits? like they cant be white or dont make them to bright etc
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