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December 31, 2005
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Catch the Cat by beastofoblivion Catch the Cat by beastofoblivion
Full View Please. :)

So when we were little there was this unspoken rule that you couldn't go into our parents' room when one or the other was napping. See, we were noisy little mischief-makers and we knew if we woke them up we'd get yelled at. Well, our cat seemed to know this too, because every time he got tired of us chasing him around he'd run in there and either hide under the bed or jump up next to mom or dad. You might think that would be the end of it, but it usually wasn't. Undeterred, we came up with missions to retrieve the cat without waking up our parent(s). This usually meant that one of us had to bite the bullet and sneak in there, tiptoe-ing or crawling across the creaky floor while the three of us left would wait in the hallway for the cat to come running out.

Ah, good times. :heart:

Was again slightly hesitant about posting this, but moreso because it's personal more then anything else. I've pretty much decided not to use it in the Lock book - there's quite a bit of issues (proportion, perspective, rendering, whatever) that weren't resolved properly, but the biggest thing was that the scene/event is more from my own life and less from a Lock's. But I do love it so. XD

Marker and colored pencils on 14x17" Vellum.
Artwork & Kiflits Allison Theus 2005
Lockjaws TM/ Allison Theus
You may not alter, redistribute, or reproduce this artwork in any way, shape, or form. You may not use the Lockjaws in any way, shape, or form.

Ps. That's not a cat sitting there. It's a Kiflit. But you'll find out more about them later. :)
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Good god, what were you doing, sleeping with catnip pillows? Lol. :rofl:
sarah-kun Feb 5, 2006
haha that's so cute! i love the idea. sounds like fun X3
carmelpixie Jan 31, 2006
That's so cute. I remember doing stuff like that with my brother when I was younger. I especially like the little Lock in the bottom left with the tongue sticking out!
uh, since you said no critique... mine was good, but anyways. I think it would look really good in a golden elaborate frame on the wall in a sophisticated room with dark colors such as are used in this piece. Anyways... I like it.
JessicaMDouglas Jan 19, 2006  Professional General Artist
AHAHAH! Omg! I remember doing that when I was little too! Creeping past the sleeping parent, freezing every time they'd move or snort or snore, and then going after the blasted cat that would curl up CLOSER to them! *flails*

But really, I'm very glad you posted this. It looks... a bit different then your usual. The colors are nearly addicting, as is the smoothness of your shading. Marker on vellum? How is that? I don't think I've ever used vellum for anything more than wedding invitations *chuckles* Lovely as usual m'dear.
For some reason, I gave those kids a look and thought "OH GOD THEY'RE GONNA EAT THE KITTY!!"
Skreel Jan 12, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The poor kiflit looks horrified :XD:

Your colouring is too amazing. I cannot figure out how you do this without it turning into a smudgey mess. I love the detailing, especially in the pillars. The muscles are teh love.

VERY WELL DONE :thumbsup:
Dokuro Jan 5, 2006
Awww <X3 this is just so cute..and somewhat creepy at the same time :|... but thats a good thing XD :heart: So many details/so much to look at *stares at your picture* :wow: :eyepopping: :eye::eye: .... the lil ones look so adorable X33 Must huggle them all XD :hug: ... its so cool how you made them look shiny like that :D .. almost reminds me of oil o.o :poke: XD and Damn XD i thought that was a cat when i first saw it XD my bad lol ... Awesome Picture :w00t:
sugarpeep Jan 4, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Fabulous. That sounds so mission impossible! :D love it. You must come up this way to participate in mischief with Sparkle and I>:D
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